Can we treat 5k/10k races as part of the training?

by Jeff Yung
(Hong Kong)

Using 5k / 10k races as part of the training :

"Hi Marius,

You mentioned that we can always adjust our plan whenever we have any races within the training weeks.

Many runners say "I run this race as a training". Do you agree races (running all out) can be used as part of the training? It will usually be up to high effort 4 or even effort 5 when we run a 5k/10k race, is it useful for the overall marathon training plan?


Answer: Hi Jeff and thanks for your question.

In general I would stick to the 100 day plan, especially for the marathon specific weeks. Running too many races on the way makes it hard to do the very demanding work you need to prepare the best.

However, this is slightly individual. Some runners can race quite often without any problems. If you are one of them - adjust the schedule by taking away the hardest (most intense) workout that week, and replace it with a race. In the marathon specific week though, be very careful with too much racing.

I wish you all the best,

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