Change structure of some workouts

by Paul
(The Netherlands)

Change structure of some workouts :

"Hi Marius,

I have a question about slightly changing the structure of some workouts. More specifically the sessions where - within a specific time frame - multiple paces are used. Would it be ok to change the structure a bit and run them as a progression run or would this either eliminate the purpose of the training or "kill" the body. Let me give some examples:

In the 3:15 plan the following session is presented:
8 x 4 min, 1 min rec. Each 4 min is 3 min effort 3 and 1 min effort 4.
Would it be ok to run this as: 24 min @ effort 3, followed by some minutes recovery and finally followed by 8 min effort 4. In this way the total duration in effort 3 (24 min) and effort 4 (8 min) would be the same. If this is ok, how many minutes recovery would you take.

The same applies to the speed endurance component after the 20-30 minutes steady effort 3 runs. Is it ok to run this as one block?

Again an example: 30 min + 2 min rec + (10x30, 30 rec). Is it ok to run: 30 min + 2 min rec + 5 minutes @ effort 4. Again, the total duration in the specific zones remains the same.

Thanks again!



Answer : Hi Paul, to be very specific : it is ok to mix things around like this if you are not specifically using the 100 day plan leading up to a marathon. BUT, if you are using it specifically for that I would not do it that way. The variation in pace in the session (vs. the more progressive way you suggest) is there for a reason - it is more potent in the weeks where it is planned!

I wish you all the best,
kind regards,

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