Changing weeks due to race

by Johan Kesten
(Helsingborg, Sweden)

Changing weeks due to races :

"Hi Marius!
Thank you for a great training program. It is my third time using it and I am improving all the time.

I have just finish week 7 and next week is a 10k race planned in the schedule. Week 11 has a ½-marathon race.

Question: I have a ½-marathon race booked instead for week 9 so you can say it is in between the 10k and ½-marathon race. I can see that your race-weeks are less hard due to race. How shall I handle my change in schedule. Shall I switch weeks?

Best regards

Answer: Hi Johan and thanks for the question.

In your case I would switch weeks - that should make you all set - as the half marathon week is like you say a little bit easier so that you'll be fairly fresh going into it !

I'm glad you're enjoying the plan and continue to improve with it.

All the best and best wishes,

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