Copenhagen Marathon:
"More Than A Sporting Event - It's A Tradition

copenhagen marathonThe Copenhagen Marathon, is a popular Denmark marathon that has often been dubbed as spectacular and exciting. A lot of runners from all over the world gather to join the marathon, and now, the most recent race allowed 6,500 runners to take their run all the way to the finish line. The number of runners is not the only figure that takes on an increasing trend.

The increasing number of spectators also shows that the Copenhagen Marathon is becoming more and more popular. Runners who have experienced the Copenhagen race praises it a lot for its amazing atmosphere. The first race was held in 1980, and is now considered one of the biggest sports events in Copenhagen.

The marathon is known as one of the older marathons in the world, which is enough reason for its unsurprising popularity. Due to its popularity among Copenhagen natives, it is practically considered a tradition in the city. It is now held every year in May, in time for spring, which further ensures that the whole of Copenhagen is teeming with impressive flora sights.

The Copenhagen Marathon Race Course

The Copenhagen race is more than just a marathon, but a full event flanked by a Sports Expo, a party, and a massage center for post-race comfort for the runners. All runners will get medals and goodie bags, while female runners will get a rose each.

The Copenhagen marathon is quite popular among all types of runners, from the expert runners to the beginners. The fairly smooth track allows you to build up your speed and long-running stamina, but also allows you to enjoy the scenic sights around. It only goes up to a peak of 25 meters above ground level at the area near the Carlsberg brewery. The track goes through the City Center of Copenhagen and takes runners through historical areas of Copenhagen, so entering the race is definitely a unique way of experiencing Copenhagen. What is a tour in Copenhagen without passing by the phenomenal Little Mermaid? The Copenhagen Marathon makes sure that you see the famous statue while on the run.

On top of that, you can enjoy famous sights and attractions in Copenhagen such as the splendid-looking Town Hall, the world-famous Tivoli Gardens, and the Royal Castle. And if there are majestic sights all around, you can also take a respite as you pass through the peaceful suburbs of the city, where you can contrast the historical nature of the famous attractions with the Copenhagen of today. Finally, the track ends at the Royal Library, also known as The Black Diamond, near the old harbor of Copenhagen.

What You'll Find on the Copenhagen Marathon Course

The Copenhagen Marathon is made up of three different laps. Each lap has around 14 kilometers. The beginning and the last laps are very identical, while the middle lap provides variety and a different kind of challenge for runners.

The route is lined with various entertainment options that can make your run exciting and interesting. As you run, you can get entertainment from bands and dancers that are whipping up an event nothing short of a festival. You can also receive much-needed encouragement and support from the cheering crowd. The course is, in fact, known as being friendly to spectators, making the race one of the most watched in the world.

The Copenhagen Marathon is a Must-Have Experience

If you aren't much of a runner but would like to see Copenhagen, you can participate in the race. After all, there's no pressure in the race. You can just go along and enjoy the experience. The race will allow you to see the important sights of Copenhagen and will give you an excellent experience you'll never forget. But if you are a serious runner, you should definitely experience the Copenhagen marathon. It should be on your list of marathons that you definitely should join.


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