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Discover a run through the parks of Disney!

The Disney Marathon course is truly unique a unique route in terms of where it is run. No other marathon in all the world runs through such an eclectic course. You start out in EPCOT, home to the giant sphere - Spaceship Earth.

From there, you run to that most classic of all Disney parks - the Magic Kingdom. After that, it is on to Disney's Animal Kingdom, their newest park. And finally, it ends in Disney's Hollywood Studios (formerly known as the Disney / MGM Park); yet it still runs the mandatory 26.2 miles.

The Disney Marathon course is not as fast as the "major marathons" such as the London Marathon Course or the Berlin Marathon. Mostly because of all turns you have to take when challenging this course. At the same time, the Disney Marathon course it is fairly flat - and can give you a very nice time on the way.

The race also encompasses a half marathon, so that runners of any level can participate. I will add an article about the Disney half marathon later.

Plus, the folks at Disney make a real effort to see to it that the course is clear of baby strollers and any other items that might cause injury :)

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