Disney's Wine and Dine Half Marathon

by Rhonda
(Richmond, BC Canada)

I travelled from Vancouver, BC to participate in this event and combined it with a family vacation.
The event was held at night, and offered Disney entertainment and characters along the route.
I didn't like that they shuttle you to the start line 4 hours prior to start time. That's far too long to be hanging around with little to do. Driving yourself was not an option as no parking was permitted anywhere near the start. As well, it was difficult to obtain information regarding regarding shuttle service, or viewing areas for family that were not attending the after party (not everyone wants to pay and additional $35 per person to eat junk foods at midnight). We asked numerous staff and volunteers for information regarding this prior to and during the event and were told they did not know. The other challenge on course was that areas of the race were in complete darkness for short periods of time which can be dangerous when running with such a large group.
Overall I had fun, and got my personal best time so far. I would recommend the race, but hopefully as this was the inaugural run improvements will be made for future events.

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