Easy training when using antibiotics for inflammation

by Trygve
(Heggedal, Norway)

Running when sick :

"Hi Marius
I got a inflammation in my airways and has been ordered to a 10 days penicillin cure. I think 10 days away from training is long time, and normally the inflammation returns after a couple of days.
Is it a risk if I start easy training in zone 1 before finished the cure if I don't feel any sickness more ?



Answer: Hi Trygve, and thanks for your question.

You want to be careful with training when you have an airway infection that makes the doctor prescribe antibiotics - it means that you likely have pneumonia (bronchitis and more upper air way infections are usually viral and no good doctor would give you antibiotics for that)

So in that case I would rest at least one week, then start jogging VERY easy IF you feel 100 % well. Before that, you should be body squats to keep your muscles going a bit but no running / circulatory training that can provoke your lungs in that condition.

I wish you all the best,

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