Effective running

by Kreso
(Zagreb, Croatia)

What is the most effective running after injury problems ? To get back into shape again ?

"Hello Marius, what is the best way to return fitness after 1 month foot injury (nothing broken, i run yesterday 9km and i can feel that my fitness level has dropped, and another question how to lose some kilos with running, to run long or to run intensive? I am 174cm tall (or small) and have 84kg, run over 20 marathons. I have some marathon on 6th June but i'm not sure is it smart to run that one."

Answer: Hi Kreso, I will have to answer this in general so that others can related to it as well :

I recommend 3-4 weeks of exclusively easy runs where you alternate running + walking in addition to 2-3 hard sessions a week where you alternate between 15-20 x 45 sec with 15 sec recovery and 20-35 x 1 minute with 30 sec recovery. You can see these in the 100 day plan.

Do them really progressive, meaning nr 1 is done at around marathon pace while the last one is done around 1500 meter pace. That way you'll fast tune your system into normal shape again - by the progressive nature of these in addition to the relatively short interval time that ensures good speed for fast muscular adaption to faster running again.

I wish you all the best,


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