Extending the sessions in the 5k-10k training weeks

by Paul Whittaker
(United kingdom)

Extending the 5k and 10k sessions in those weeks.

"Hi Marius, I'm more of a 5k-10k runner but have purchased your 100 day marathon plan because I plan to do a marathon in the future.
At the moment if someone was focusing more on the 5k-10k would it be ok to extend the session. e.g. In the plan sub 2.45 one of the session is 4x800m at level 4 with 1 lap float at level 3. Could I work this up to 8x800m? Then I get more volume out of each session?
Obviously do this over time."

Answer: Hi Paul, and thanks for the question.

You may play around abit with this but not over-do it. Meaning : it all depends on where you are in the schedule. If you are far away from races you may add a few intervalls like that, but close you want to decrease it. Now speaking if you are using the 100 day plan for 5k/10k purposes only.

I'll also give you a tip on lactate as well - as you have a lactate meter described in the email I got : run your type 4-8x800 meter sessions with a lacate of 5-8 mmol/l in the winter, and then 7-10 mmol in the summer (meaning from 4 weeks before your tapering/top race period and onwards)

regards and best wishes,

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