Half-marathon two weeks before Marathon

by Torkel

A half marathon two weeks before the marathon :

"Hi, I was not aware that you absolutely do not recommend a half-marathon just two weeks before a marathon, but so I did, and my question is how to proceed for the final two weeks ? I am 40 years old, ran the 21k in 1:28 (average heartrate 180, 90% of max) and aim for 3:05 in Oslo Marathon this year. I run only 30-40k a week and previously I have been running two marathon at 3:24 (2010) and 3:18 (2012). I was not giving it all during the half-marathon, and my muscles have not been very sore the two days after the race. (One day rest - plan to take recovery run today)."

Answer: Hi Torkel and thanks for your question.

Yes, like you said : I do not recommend doing a half marathon this close. Having said that - if you ran it sub-max pace you CAN get away with it without any negative effects on the marathon.

I would take 3-4 days of just easy running and then jump into the tapering last 10 days of the 100 day plan. That is the absolute best way do to this, in your situation.

I wish you all the best,


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