Hamstring syndrome?

Hamstrings problem (acute) :

"Hi Marius, and thank you for an inspiring Marathon training schedule!

I should soon start the 105 day programme to prepair for a Marathon in May, but running on slippery roads caused me something I believe is a hamstring syndrome. In sitting position I´m suffering from buttock pain, which radiates down the back of the thigh. And when running, the pain is in the lower parts of the hamstring muscles and the muscle feels quite stiff too. This has been going on for about six weeks now, but two last weeks I´ve been only xc-skiing and cross training. The leg has become better but not completely ok. Do you have any, hopefully fast, methods to get rid of this annoying problem? I guess stretching won´t be the answer..?
All the best!


Answer:Hi Läski-Ossi and thanks for your question.

You are correct : no stretching on it.

My experience (both as a runner and doctor) goes like this with a problem like that :

Due to the limited circulation in the area of the hamstrings insertion, it can a be a challenge to get rid of an injury like that with just rest/taking easy days.

You want to do two things :

1) Go to a good massage therapist and have very hard cross friction massage on the area 2-3 times a week.

In addition to this get massage on the whole length of the muscle.

2) Combine this with deep needling (acupuncture where you go directly into the problem point) OR if you find a doctor that does so : injections of Xylocain while using trigger point/needling at the same time. I've used myself and seen good results with the latter on patients/runners with this type of problem.

That it the absolutely best advice I can give to you. You also want to limit running until you get this straight, to not irritate the surrounding mucles and tissue!

all the best,

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