Heart rate after 8 weeks off

High heart rate after 8 weeks off :

"Hi Marius,

I have just resumed running after not doing any exercise for the last 8 weeks due to acute myocarditis. Previously I ran my easy runs at a heart rate of 138-140bpm and a pace of 5:30min/km. In my first few runs my heart rate for the same pace is 158bpm...alot higher than before. Now, I understand that not having exercised for 8 weeks and gained 7kg that my heart rate for that pace won't be the same. However, 158 seemed rather high. Anyhow, whats the best way to get my cario back up again? I know i have to take it easy for a while but I'm not sure whats the best way forward. Any help would be appreciated.



Answer: Hi Ivi and thanks for your question.

20 beats higher after 8 weeks off is not much at all. I've seen the same with myself after only 5 weeks off once. So no worries at all, it is normal and you'll see this for the next 4-6 weeks. I would recommend you just leave your heart rate monitor in your closet for that time, otherwise you'll find it too frustrating.

To get back in shape fast I would do two things :

1) run long, easy runs. 1-1:30 hrs.

2) combine this with the type 45/15 or 1 min/30 sec (1 min run, 30 sec rec) type interval runs (if you are allowed after the infection. If not, do strides instead to get your legs going again)
These are by far the best sessions to get back into shape again. And do resepect the easy-hard-easy days, even though you'll be tempted to go a little bit hard on the easy days also to "catch up". It is not worth it - instead focus on the intervals for that.

all the best,

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