Hill running marathon

by SteveO, Answer by Marius

My target race has hills - essentially it's down a steep hill, up a long hill, down the hill, and back up the steep hill. What is the best way to work hill training into the schedule? Just run some of the hard sessions on hills or...?

Answer: Steve, the way you can solve this is as follows.

1. One hard session every other week, move the workout to a hilly area and run your repeats on the hills.

2. In addition to that, have one of your easy runs in the other week (when you are not doing the hill repeats) on a hilly path. That is MORE than enough to prepare you for a hilly marathon.

The last 2-3 weeks before the marathon, tone this down slightly as hill work has a tendency to increase the muscular tone !

Kind regards,

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Hill interval training

by Espen S

How is it to place hill interval training into the 100 day marathon plan ?

"Hi Marius,
Thank you for a great marathon plan!

During the winter when the roads are slippy, and when doing interval training at effort 4 (e.g 15x45sec effort4), I find it a bit risky to run the speed required on the flat and often icey ground. It feels safer to do this going up a hill since the heart rat goes up faster, not requiering so much speed. Is this ok?

Looking at the introduction weeks (I am doing the 3:30 plan), I see no inoformation about warming up. What is your general approach to warming up in the program when there is interval training?

Espen S"

Answer: Hi Espen, yes you can certainly do so and run some of the work in hills - especially as you're probably some good weeks away from the marathon.

However, when you get close to the marathon and if it is not a very hilly one I suggest to stick to fairly flat running during the interval sessions. Otherwise you'll risk injuries due to the increase of muscular tension hill work produces(and static work in general such as quad strength work) in combination with the long marathon work.

As for warmup, I suggest 5-10 minutes of easy running which is enough. Some also like a short part of this - 2-3 minutes into effort 3, myself included, but this is optional. Test both systems, I've found that about 50 % like to run a bit faster for parts and the others just like easy runnning.

The good thing about running that 2-3 minutes abit harder is that you'll feel better in the first part of the running session. That means that you don't have to "run yourself into" the session. I use this in competitions as well and it is especially helpful if you have to stand still for a bit on the start (or "call-room" in larger meetings) Then that faster warmup helps your system stay tuned for 20-30 minutes after you've finished it.

I wish you all the best with your traning,


PS : I got your other question as well - as it is not directly related to the 100 day plan : what I would do if you overpronate on one foot is not to worry about this if it does not cause any problems. I have this myself and correcting it causes more problems than not ! So test 1) with correction for a few weeks 2) without - and then evaluate.

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