Hill Training the Semi-Marathon that just Goes Up & Up

by Sarit T. BENICHOU
(Aix-en-Provence, FRANCE)

This is not a NYC story.

This is simply to mention that one of the most difficult semi's to exist takes place in the south of France. I've been told that it's more difficult than certain marathons. It's the only Semi I've ever
participated in (5x), since I live in Aix.

It's called the Marseille-Cassis and if I'm not mistaken, almost half of the race us uphill, much of it running in the 'maqui' between Marseille and the coastal village of Cassis.

The road is windy, uphill, and you feel as if it'll never stop. But when you finally get up there, passing la 'Gineste,' it feels great!!! A real marker in the race.

And when you end up closing in on the finish line, after so many miles of hills, somes flats and lots of downhill that just kills your knees etc, well, what a relief....

Especially if the weather is nice. At different moments the views of the Mediterranean are magnificent! An incredible treat to the senses & extremely motivating!!!

The finish line is by the shore, and weather permitting, people hit the beach....

Anyway, to get to my point (I'm not trying to sell this race, there are around 12 - 15000 participants), this race could certainly be considered one of the best ways to train for uphill, with the surroundings being the 'bonus' to the package.

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