How many kilometers/week?

How many km pr week :

"Hi Marius!

I am well into the 3:30 schedule, preparing for my first ever marathon in late September (Berlin).

I have a question regarding total amount of kilometers of training per week. I read a quote once from one of our legendary runners (it was either Grethe Waitz or Ingrid Kristiansen) that as a rule of thumb, you should add together total kilometers ran within one week and divide it by two. This figure would be the point you would most likely "hit the wall" during a race. Thus, using this rule of thumb, you need to exceed 84 km of training within one week (before the tapering period, obviously) before a marathon race.

Have you heard about this rule of thumb? What do you make of it from your point of view?

I am now in Week 10 of the 3:30 plan, and last week I had 66 km in total. I have starting to extend the easy runs slightly in order to push the kilometers (although staying in Effort 1 all the way through). I am, however, a little concerned that my total kilometer count will not be enough.

If I were to further push the number of kilometers, should I do it on the long runs or the short, easy ones? (I have done a combination so far - f ex extending a 3:00 long run to 3:20 (still maintaining the run/walk ratio), a 70 min easy run to 90 minutes etc.) I also reckon that I should follow the general advice of not increasing the amount of training with more than 10% each week.

Looking forward to your answer!

Best regards, Magnus"

Answer: Hi Magnus and thanks for your question.

Now, this is a tricky one and the answer depends. What I've found out (and applied in the 100 day plan) is that you can run slightly less km as long as you have the very marathon specific type work I teach in the 100 day plan (the very hard, very long sessions, plus the easy long runs) It also makes it less likely to get injuries.

However, if you are already well-trained and CAN handle it (this may the case with you) you can add km in the week. How to do it ? Well, the best way is to increase the number of very easy runs (add 1-3 45-60 minutes easy runs in Effort 1). Whatever you do, do not extend the hard runs !

And as you say, do it gradually.

I'm aware of the rule of thumb you mention there, but like I said - it is individual and also depends on the overall structure of the plan :)

I wish you all the best with your training,

kind regards,

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