How to do negative splits in the marathon

by Rick
(southport UK)

How to do negative splits :

"Hello Marius,
My 100 days training plan has gone amazingly well, with a life time P.R. over the 1/2 marathon with 1.18.22 awesome result for someone like me who has been training and racing for 17 years!.
My question is what do you think of this plan to hit 2.45 at London

Negativ split chart
Do you think this would work or would you do the splits a different way?

Answer:Hi Rick and congrats with a nice tune in to your marathon ! I've checked out the link, and it is well thought through - good stuff.

Write those splits on the side of your arm before the start with a pen so that you are absolutely sure on what do pass the different km in.

I wish you all the best for the big day.

Kind regards,

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