Ice Baths - How to

by Craig Miller
(Aberdeen, UK)

Cold baths and running (and warm baths)


I've been taking ice baths as you suggest in the 100 day Marathon program and have found them beneficial at aiding recovery and reducing injury - I'd say my legs feel normal again twice as quick as without the ice bath - but I was wondering if I am doing them correctly.

I come in from my workout, run the bath with cold water (8-10C), jump in for about 10-12 mins then get in a nice shower to warm up and get clean.

Should I have the warm shower before or after the cold bath and let my legs warm up by themselves or does the cold water followed by the warm shower have any beneficial effect.

Best Wishes

Craig Miller
Aberdeen UK."

Answer: Hi Craig, you have a couple of options here :

1. Only do the cold bath (that you do correctly) and a fairly cold/medium temperature shower afterwards.

2. Do the cold bath first and a hot shower later that same day.

OR what I like to do personally : cold baths on hard training days, and warm showers/baths on the easy training days. Medium temperature showers after each - or a medium shower right before.

It is slightly up to preferance, but something in this line is what I've experienced works the best !

kind regards,

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