Injury and running?

by Michelle
(San Diego)

Injury and Running

Injury and Running

It is wise to continue running when injuried ? Whats the best way to deal with injury and running.

Michelle sent this question :
I recently fell while running and ended up with a large bruise around my knee. The bruise and other injuries healed but my knee hurts every time I take a step or run.

It's three weeks from my injury and I'm continuing to run 4 days a week. Should I stop running all together or continue taking Ibuprofen and run through the pain until it goes away?

Michelle, larger traumas to the knee area generally takes some time to heal (5-6 weeks is my guess in your case). The reason for this is that you may have had a small microdamage to the periostal areas around the bones - and you may have irritated the synovial membrane around the knee. Usually nothing that will be a problem long term though, so no worries ;)

My take on this is :
I recommend you slow down the intensity on the runs. Instead of running continous, alternate running and walking and do the running real, real slow. No pushing of pace the next 2-3 weeks!

In addition to this I want you do to the following : at nighttime, put on a good portion of anti-inflammatory cream/gel that you get at the pharmacy. Now, outside of this put on a plastic wrap (the type used for food - that sticks to the food and preserve it during the day) so that is stays there during the night. What this does is that it works while you are resting during the night and slowly diffuses through to the inflamed areas. This is much,much more effective in those areas vs. taking the Ibuprofen tablets.

Good look and kind regards,

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