Is it possible på break the 100day plan into 2x 50days (or 2x60) with a small "pause" in between them?

by Eirik Tofte
(Oslo, Norway)

Splitting up the 100 day plan :

Splitting up the 100 day plan :

"Hi Marius!

I have a Question about breaking up the 100day plan.

If one have 2 different goals for a season, lets say one wants to try a half-distance Ironman (Ironman 70.3) in the middle of the season (May/June) and then a full Marathon in the end of the season (August/September) Is it possible to break the 100day plan up in two parts, so that the first part leads up to the Half-Marathon phase, (so that the first run in May/June is when the half-marathon-race should be done in the 100-day plan), Then take 1-2 weeks pause for recovery and summer holiday, and then start on the second half/ last 50-60 days so that it fits the date for the Marathon i September"

Answer: Hi Eirik and thanks for your question.

That approach would definately work, but you need to limit the recovery period to at the most 2 weeks (ideally 10 days max) and you HAVE to run at least twice a week in those 2 weeks. Otherwise you'll find yourself in trouble (most likely injuries).

I would do two sessions of type 45/15 in those two weeks and two semi-long easy runs 1-1:30 hrs)

That should make you all set for both races :)

All the best,

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