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The La Marathon Course. Looking for an international experience ?

Next up, is the Los Angeles Marathon Route. The course through a community of international settings.

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The LA marathon is a true reflection of its community. As is its course.

It starts in the area of Little Tokyo, right along Vermont Avenue.

Then it swings through the Leimert Park and Crenshaw districts, heads into Beverly Hills, and then passed the lavish homes in the Rossmore neighborhood.

Finally, the course loops back to where it began, right in the downtown section amongst all the high rises buildings that make up the city's famous skyline.

The race has a great following, many people sign up to compete in it every year; those are the "Legacy Runners".

If you want to check of the Los Angeles Marathon route, "more specifically" you can do it by going here, to their official page.

Registration, registering for the Los Angeles Marathon

In the LA marathon - you must pre-register.

They do not allow registering the day of the actual race (like most big marathons like the New York Marathon, Boston Marathon or London Marathon to name some)

  • If you take care of it by mail or online before August 6th, you pay $95.
  • Between the 7th and November 19th, the fee goes up to $100,
  • and then it is $105 from the 20th to February 24th.

The LA marathon also allows you to register to race walk, provided you follow their strict rules. If you are a particularly good runner, and you have finished a marathon in less than three or four hours sometime in the past year, you can qualify for placement in the corrals for the faster runners.

Be advised, you have to furnish some sort of official race results - a finisher's certificate, for example - when you register.

Also, you must claim all of your gear: your bib, timing chip, t-shirt, and goodie bag before the actual race. So, go to the Quality of Life Expo at the LA Convention Center and get them.

When you do go by to get everything, be sure to bring your LA marathon confirmation card (or confirmation e-mail), and a proper means of identification.

In the future I will add a section here about the Los Angeles marathon results. I hope you enjoyed this piece on the Los Angeles marathon route and registration.

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