LT training

by A Reis

LT training.

"Dear Marius,

I used the 100d plan to successfully run a 3:37 Marathon and two half-marathons (1:38 and 1:36). Thanks for the plans and support information.
I’ve a question about the lactate threshold that has been somehow answered, but I didn’t really get it. As I understood, the base for HM training is to run LT sessions, like: 10min Ef1 + 30min Ef3 + 10min Ef1. The Ef3 should be the lactate threshold (165 bpm for my 190 mhr), but it is said that the half marathon pace is the LT, which for me is 179 bpm, well above the Ef4. So, in which effort should I run the LT runs? Close to my HM pace and heart rate, or in Ef3?

On a final note, I love the 100d plan and I wish you publish a half marathon plan.

Best regards,
A Reis"

Answer: Hi Arsenio and thanks for your question - and congrats on your success.

For most runners, the LT will be around the 25km pace, so a little bit slower than your half marathon.

In addition to this, you want to run LT trianing sort of in a heart rate zone (not exactly "at" 87 % of max heart rate, but stay between 80-87 for the session)

So I would go with heart rate. However, looking at your half marathon time vs. your LT in heart rate I suspect your max HR is a little bit higher than 190 - probably around 193. So I would adjust your zones a little bit, according to that!

I wish you all the best,

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