Marathon Performance and Treadmill

Marathon and treadmill running and a bit of panic the weeks before the marathon.

"In top shape to tiredness - I'm experiencing a bit of "panic".

Purchasing and practicing the "100-day marathon plan" started as a success. I did/do the hard sessions as prescribed (slavish), but I've increased the milage on the easy runs considerably - although the heart rate has been kept correct.

The fact is that I did the first tests (5km/session 3/week 6 and the 10km/session 3/week 8) "brilliantly". Respectively sub 18 and 36min 20 sec. Related to my age(60) and "identical" sessions (date and distances) the year before the improvement was a bit sensational.

Then, recently, it is troublesome to keep up the same pace under the same effort/heart rate, distance and identical circumstances as I run on my treadmill.

I may add that I'm feeling fit, a bit tired as I should be at this stage of my training for BostonM. 18 april, but not overtrained

Now, starting my tapering/tuning in phase; I wonder whether this is a common decrease in shape/speed(to be expected), and as such, to be solved by loosening up/reducing the training the three upcoming weeks ?

Is there a regular "supercompensation" to be expected (?) anyway, anyhow ??

AnswerHi Sten, and congrats on those great early runs !

You are right at the end of the hardest part of the schedule, going into the taper, so it is natural that the speed is a bit lower at this point. Most (not all) experience this. And you will just keep on feeling better and better the weeks to come.

My suggestion is very clear : stick to the plan. And you may want to run even a little bit slower on the easy runs, just to get on top of things. In addition to that - on ALL the easy days of running, use a hot bath (or shower your quads) thereafter.

You may also be experiencing the transition phase of treadmill going into outside running again. It generally takes 3-4 weeks to get used to and in this period it is normal to feel slightly more tired. This is underestimated by many, but the difference in running stress from the treadmill to outside running can add just that little bit difference that makes this happen.

But with another 3 weeks to Boston, I would not worry. Just keep to the plan and you'll be ok:)

I wish you all the best,

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