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by ivi

Marathon prediction time :

"Hi Marius,

I am final here! 3 days until my marathon and I must say i have enjoyed your program. At first I was skeptical and thought it would be easy but it is actually quite challenging. Anyhow, I did my half marathon race in 85:15 and felt pretty good all the way. According to your calculator it estimates my finishing marathon time to be 3:05. I have tried other calculators online and they estimate a little under 3hrs. Just wondering, based on the estimates how I should approach this race in terms of pace? I don't want to go out too strong and then crumble at the 32km mark. I really have my eyes set for even 0.1sec under 3 hours! It was my aim at the start of the year and I want to make sure i give myself the best chance to do so. Anyhow, I will post my finishing time in 3 days time.

Cheers, and thanks for the support and replies to questions. I definitely have and will continue to recommend your plan to others.

ivi "

Answer: Hi Ivi and thanks for your question.

The calculator is on the convervative side as most other online calculators seems to take into account that the runners are already established -with severel marathons under their belt. In those cases the marathon can be calculated a little bit faster.

In your case, if your overall big goal is sub 3:00 you CAN give this a chance based on your half marathon time. But it is always a risk - so if you do so, be extremely even-paced up until 30k or so.,

I wish you all the best,


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