Marathon target time and additional runs during tapering

by Arsenio
(Vila Real, Portugal)

Marathon prediction time and tapering km.

"Dear Marius,

I’ve just ran the predicted half-marathon on the 100 day plan. My first (and only) half was last May, finished in 1:58. Now I got 1:39. It´s a nice improvement, I think, mainly due to your program. The race day was quite hot with an air temp of 23C and few shades on the course.
Next Nov 6, I will run the full 42k and based on the HM time I should go for a 3:37. I feel really great and have been running 6 days a week (40-60 mins additional easy runs).
1. Is it unwise to pace for 3:35? What about 3:30?
2. During the next tapering weeks, should I stop running additional runs or just cut their duration to 20-30 mins?

Best wishes,

Answer:Hi Arsenio and congratulations with a very nice half marathon.

Like I've said in previous questions, it is always safe (and usually right on target) to use the exact time the calculator gives you. So aiming for 3:37 would be it. IF you feel great at 31-32 km, you can instead speed up a bit and try and aim for 3:35.

As for mileage, KEEP the additional km/runs you've already placed there, otherwise the relative drop in running would be too much. Other than that, follow the 100 day plan structure and workouts.

I wish you all the best,

kind regards,

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