Mileage for slow runner

by Billy S

Mileage for slow runner :

"Hi Marius,

Bought the plan and on my 3rd Intro Week, I am a slow 50-year old runner, 6:20 marathon. I wish to get at 5:00 hrs. However, the mileage I may reach during workouts/training may not be enough for a marathon because of I can cover only so much miles each workout. What do you suggest. Thank you."

Answer: Hi Billy and thanks for your question.

That is a very good question you ask there - but my simple question is this : it will be plenty of training for you mileage-wise to run sub 5:00 with what is outlined in the 1000 day plan. Especially when you add in there the work in the marathon specific weeks of the schedule.

Having said that, IF you feel you need a little bit of longer work, you may use running-walking sessions where you run-walk 50 %, 50 % (you see several examples of this in the 100 day plan) a little bit more. Some like to do this every Sunday to make sure they get enough minutes in their legs and in your case, this may be something you can consider. In that case, be very careful not to run too hard the next day, to avoid injuries :)

all the best,

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