Negative Split Marathon

by Dennis

How much should the negative split be in the marathon ?

"Hi, great program. I enjoy your program very much. I feel quite ready for my first marathon. I am aiming for 4:30

Question is what is the range for the negative timing? My marathon is in 2 weeks time. I am using a 8% negative split. Meaning I am running 8% slower in the first half and 8% faster in the 2nd half compare to the overall pace. Is that too much or little?


Answer: Hi Dennis, you can actually use the calculator that is already in the 100 day marathon plan - check out Chapter nr 9 on how to pace yourself. If you place in a half marathon time of 2:02 in there, you'll see a predicted marathon finishing time of 4:30:35 and a "passing the half marathon" in 2:18:05.

So as you can see, you'll be running about 2:18 for the first part and 2:12 in the second part of the race. The key is to hold back and go for a steady ride the first 20-25km and then start pushing the pace towards the end for the negative split.

I'm glad you like the program and I wish you all the best for your marathon.

Kind regards,

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