New York Marathon Course

by Robert
(New York)

I've run NY five times and loved it every time. After reading the above article, I concur, the course is tough. A specific mention is necessary for the one mile stretch over the Queensboro Bridge...this is by far the toughest mile on the course. Straight uphill and then straight down. In addition, the bridge surface is concrete--not asphalt and it does not give.

If you are a pavement pounder, your quads will be mush on the up and especially on the down. The upside is, once you turn the corner onto First Avenue the noise is unbelievable making you forget everything and only think about heading for home.

Finally, if you are in NYC the Sunday before the race, it's fun to run the last 10 miles (starting at First Ave and 59th. Most head out around 8am to avoid as much traffic as posssible while still sleeping in a little. At this point the route is ususally marked with lamppost banners and there are even some diehard supporters of this effort in the Bronx offering water and week early cheers.

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