No track for running

by C.JD

What to do if you have no track nearby and there are hills around :

"Hi Marius,
Have just signed up to your progamme and am really looking forward to getting started.Unfortunately I haven't got access to a running track and live in a hilly area with few stretches of flat roads.
Two questions.
1;Is it ok to do most or all of my fast sessions on a treadmill/football field?
2;The longer effort 1 runs on a hilly route will at times push the heartrate into effort 2,is this ok?

Thanks in advance"

Answer: Hi C.JD, yes, this is no problem to run them outside - in fact you see this explained below the specific sessions, so no problem at all to just run it by Effort outside.

In terms of hilly routes for Effort 1, look through my previous answers and I've answered that specific question to another reader there ! In short : yes, no problem doing that if you have to.

I wish you all the best,


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