by Dennis Hogan
(Canton Beach,NSW,Australia)

Hi Marius,
Well I ran the Port Macquarie Half Marathon in Australia some 5 weeks ago in a time of 1.58.32 and this last weekend I competed in the Canberra Marathon.On looking on the pace workout I should have aimed at around the 4.22 area.But having lost a few kg and also the race was going to be cooler,the half was around 23C and Canberra was around 15C.So in your notes you say let the pace find you.
I did just that took it easy,by half way the time was 1.56.35,way too fast,anyway at the Finish it was 4.11.01.
I followed your main sessions during the lead up and also managed 3 runs of 30km in the 3 to 3.5 hour long ones.
So only on 56km per week over the last 8 weeks,work has restricted much more.I must say thank you,and with the Gold Coast Marathon in 11 weeks time I am looking forward to a better result.
I am also 58 so to see an improvement so fast is a joy.
Thank you again.

CommentCongratulations !

All the best,

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