Paris Marathon 2009

by Lisa

I decided that I had to at least try and run a marathon, Paris Marathon, and this was the one that I was going to conquer in five hours.

I trained well but only got up seventeen miles and I was really anxious that this would be my greatest handicap on race day. I felt really strong during most of the run, unfortunately at mile 18 my hip was in alot of pain and I had to decide if to continue and cause really bad damage or slow right down, I opted for the latter and in great pain I did make to the finish line at six hours.

The great thing about the Paris Marathon is that it is a beautiful city but the support particularly in the new city was really poor and also other runners who were not in the race were allowed to join us cyclists as well, which was all a bit strange.

The support in the main city was great and the firemen were fantastic eye candy, I now need to improve my time so Berlin here I come !!!

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