Paris Marathon 2010

by Wazza

I ran the 2010 Paris Marathon. Being from Australia I had trained through the summer heat and humidity while Europeans and North Americans were training in winter conditions. Whilst it was hard at the time, it served me well. The temperature got to about 18 degrees Centigrade. I found a lot of the Europeans were struggling with the heat and dropped off the pace quite quickly when the roads narrowed after the half way mark. I starTed with the 3.45 group and ran a bit less than 3.44 adjusted time. I think I could have run faster if I had started with the 3.30 group and not had so many tired runners blocking me in the second half of the race. It seems a lot of runners over state their ability or goal. My place across the line was close to 11,000th but my net time placing was closer to 9,000th, indicating how many fakes I managed to pass. Of the people finishing around me in elapsed time (it took me 8.5 minutes to cross the start line) I beat most by between 4 and 6 minutes. If I could offer any advice - overstate your ability if you want to run a good time. Also go early to the Expo as I went on Fri afternoon and did not have to wait to get my number. However there were massive lines on the Saturday. Last piece of advice (if you are bashful look away now) - there are hardly any toilets so if you are desperate to go, "just do it" - everyone else is. You should have seen the number of guys peeing beside the road especially as soon as the race got into the Boi de Vincennes (approx 10 kms). Lesson: don't be shy!

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