Peaking for 10K

by Geir

Peaking for the 10k with the 100 day plan :

"Hi Marius!

I do not run Marathons, but find the principles behind the 100 Day Marathon Plan very useful anyway. My main focus is 10K and the 1/2 marathon. At the moment I´m running a 10K in about 35:20, and 1/2M in about 1:17. I have a question about peaking for the 10K. How much of the really fast stuff (race pace training) do I have to do before my main race? If I had to guess I would say 1 workout per week for the last 6-7 weeks. Example of a workout would be 6x1000m. at 10K pace or maybe a little bit faster with long recoveries (~3-5 min.) Is this sensible training, or would you recommend me to do something else? Thank you!

Best regards,


Answer: Hi Geir and thanks for your question.

Now, the 100 day plan can be used as an inspiration to a 10k plan - but running 5ks and 10ks also involves specific periodization to do so (just as the marathon and half).

It would be too complex to go into a specific 5k/10k plan (it would be explaining a new total system !) but having said that ; your suggestion is sound for an "easy" approach to this ; with about 1-2 faster sessions a week for the last 6-8 weeks before peaking.

You also want to vary some of the faster work a bit, both in pace and duration. Some runners seem to respond towards peaking better on shorter type intervals while others need more of the type 1000s - it is individual. That also goes for how much you can do of this type of work to not break down your anaerobic threshold too much. It is all a balance for the 10k and especially the 5k.

I'm sorry for not going more into depth with this, but I'm considering releasing a 5k/10k system down the road ; and you can see what I mean then and how this varies from the marathon plan.

all the best,

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