Planning the next race - How soon is too soon and adjusting the schedule

How to adjust the schedule for back to back marathons :

"Hi Marius,

I just completed the LA Marathon on March 18 and overall it was a fine experience. Following the plan helped me to set a PB of 3:39. I wanted to ask you if running another race in 40-50 days is a reasonable goal or whether the body will require more time to recover. Also, how would I adjust the plan to optimize my performance if I have just run a marathon and wish to run another in ~45 days.



Answer: Hi Jay and thanks for your question.

I've answered this exactly in these two Q and A's Short time between marathons and Back to Back marathon Check them out.

45 days IS short (usually too little time) BUT, it can work if you apply the above approach and ensure a few weeks of the recovery weeks first. Usually one needs 3 months time between marathons (for elites even longer usually, 4-6 months for full performance again, if you are not a Kenyan :) )

I wish you all the best,

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