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Portland Marathon
One of the Friendliest, Most Organized,  and Most Entertaining Marathon

portland marathonThe Portland Marathon is a popular running event held every year in Portland, Oregon. The event is famous, not just in Portland, but in the entire United States as well. Runner's World has dubbed this event as the best people's marathon in the West.

And that is true, indeed. In fact, in the list of the top ten local road race and running events in the country, this particular marathon ranks fairly well.

It also belongs to the roster of top 40 races in the general category. In the past ten years, the marathon has never left the charts, and every year, more and more enhancements are added to the event to make it more appealing to even more runners and participants.

The reason why a lot of people like the race is that it is always well-organized and retains a very friendly environment, so participants get to enjoy themselves while on the race. The marathon has won well-deserved accolades for the fact that it is organized well.

It was named as the best organized marathon in North America by the Ultimate Guide to Marathons. In the Portland Marathon, "all finishers are treated as winners."

Running in the Portland Marathon and the Portland Marathon Course

The Portland Marathon has been held every year ever since it was first conducted back in 1971. The running event spans the entire length of a full marathon, and is held in October.

During this month, the temperature in Oregon is at around 55 degrees, and rainfall is scarce. In fact, the marathon was greeted by rainfall only once in all its 27 years, and the rain ended almost immediately after the event started.

This period is thus well-chosen for the event, so you won't have to worry about weather conditions when they decide to join the event. Every year, it mostly retains the general marathon details.

The marathon begins at the Chapman, Lownsdale, ad Schrunk parks in Portland, and also ends in the same places. The event gives runners eight hours maximum to complete the marathon.

Who Can Join ?

Anyone can join the Portland Marathon. It is open to male and female runners. In fact, more than half of the runners in recent years are female runners. Runners with varying levels of experience are also welcome to join the marathon.

At the present, up to 9,000 people participate in the well-known event, and runners, beginners and experienced alike, in Oregon, consider the event as a major one. Runners from other countries also sometimes go out of their way to take part in the popular sporting event.

Also, if you're not up for running, you can still enjoy the marathon by walking. Walkers are also very much welcome to join the sporting event. In truth, records of past Portland Marathons show that a quarter of the participants in recent years are walkers, earning the popular and already multi-awarded event yet another acclaim, that of being the most walker friendly marathon of all.

Lastly, wheelchair and handicapped entrants are more than welcome to join the marathon. That means anyone can join, although organizers mostly discourage participants under 16.

Marathon Training and Why Join

Training for Portland Marathon should include a half marathon 4 weeks before, mid-September time. You will find plenty of good half marathon at that time, both in the Portland area and in other central locations in the US. As for more specific sessions, this course + the weather is fairly straight forward. So a normal marathon schedule is usually plenty enough for good results on this one

Joining the Portland Marathon would be a blast. There are many reasons why the marathon is definitely a must-try. Of course, first among all the reasons is the bragging rights of having participated in one of the most celebrated marathons in the country.

But aside from that, the organizers also give several other incentives for joining.

The Marathon actually has one of the best entertainment sets while the runners are running. The course through which the marathon goes is lined with what is believed to be the country's largest live entertainment collection.

The music in the marathon, which includes rock, jazz, country, and even a mandolin orchestra will surely pump up your energy to help you race to the finish.

Past marathons have also included a brass fanfare, aerobic dancers, street performers, jug bands, and a lot more. You'll also be greeted by cheerleaders to cheer you on. Every year, not only does the number of participants increases, but the number of entertainers increases as well.

Good luck with Portland Marathon preparations !


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