Post-marathon recovery weeks versus future training weeks

by Chris Harland
(New Delhi, India)

Recovery week after a marathon :

"Dear Marius,

How important would you say the recovery weeks (post-marathon) are?

If the next marathon is 105 or fewer days away, would you rather drop future training weeks (in the priority order you suggest) to ensure that recovery weeks are run after a marathon?

Or rather drop one or more of the three recovery weeks and go straight back into week 1 again, for more "training" time?

Thanks for the great programme and tips!

Best regards,
Chris Harland."

Answer:Hi Chris and thanks for your question.

The post-marathon weeks are crucial to ensure that you are "fresh" enough to start training again and not to risk over-use. You CAN however, get away with about 2 1/2 weeks IF you had no signs of over-training during the prior cycle of marathon training. 4 weeks is enough to ensure recovery, even though you've been "on the edge".

If you cut it shorter than 2 1/2 weeks you risk two things : 1) you risk overuse and injury early in the next cycle 2) you risk not getting the marathon race absorbed in a positive way - thus you are losing out on a big "lift in performance" in general:)

I wish you all the best,

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