Predicted Marathon Times - How achievable are they ?

by Craig MillerA
(Aberdeen, UK)

Marathon prediction vs half marathon times.


The question I have is about your predicted marathon time calculator which bases itself on the time you do in an all out half-marathon race effort.

My half-marathon was as I say an all out effort, nearly sick at the end of it race along a mostly flat course at a nice cool temperature. Thanks to your 100 day marathon program I achieved a personal best time for me which is great. Thank you very much for that !!!

But it does mean I have a predicted marathon time far quicker than I THINK I can run.

Guess my question is will it hurt as much in the marathon running for 26 miles at my predicted speed as it did running all-out in the half-marathon because I don't know if I could endure the pain for that long.

If it will hurt as much do you have a pain-free-have-an-enjoyable-marathon-pace predictor calculator that I could use instead ?

Many thanks

Craig Miller
Aberdeen, UK"

Answer:Hi Craig, I will get straight to the answer on this one :

The half marathon at max effort CAN in fact hurt more than the marathon. The point with the marathon is that most get a fairly nice ride until 25-30/35 km and from then on, it is work. So do not be afraid of the marathon, based on the pain you had in the half.

I would definately use the calculator for your marathont time. You can of course safe it a little bit and start just slightly slower in the beginning (up to the 15-20 km) - no problem at all. If you are good for that time, it is always possible to negative split it even more:)

I wish you all the best,


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