How fast to run your 5ks in training

by Susie

How fast should one run the 5ks during the 100 day marathon plan ?

"I am really enjoying the 100 day plan - so much more fun than always running at a steady speed. Also, the family is helping to "coach" by blowing the whistle for me at the intervals on the track!

My question is: How fast should I run during races (5K & 10K)? The obvious answer is "as fast as you can!!" But if I go too fast early on I'll be walking by the end of the race. Should I try to keep in a certain zone, or should I pay attention to my perceived effort as a %? Is it okay to basically disregard my heart rate during races as long as I'm quite fit?

Thanks! Susie"

AnswerHi Susie and thanks for your question.

Like you said, you want to run the 5ks as fast as you can but to pace yourself, a good method is to determine on beforehand the approximate pace and then try and hit that the first 2/3rds of the race.

The way you can do this is to take a look at the workouts you've done earlier in the schedule, of the type track work of 3-5 km in total length. The pace you can keep on these will be your approximate 5k pace.

If you find this too confusing, you can run by heart rate instead, though this is slightly harder to use in races as oppose to training due to the adrenaline kicking in in race situations stimulating the nervous system + the heart (so you get an "unnuatural" higher heart rate vs. in practice)

As a guide, start the first 1k in Effort 3, in the second 1k, move into Effort 4 and stay there until the 3km of the 5k. If you feel well at this poing, my experience is that you can start pushing hard and you normally won't run into trouble towards the end. Point is either way : respect the first 3km at a paced effort, then start pushing the pace.

I wish you all the best with your training and I'm glad you like the program.

Kind regards,

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Test race and predicting marathon finishing time

by Jorn

Predicting marathon finishing time

"I did a testrun 10KM today at 41:45, five weeks left to Oslo Maraton.

Using youre maraton calculator gives me a predicted finishing time at 3:22:47.

Using McMillanrunning calculator gives me 3:15:56.
Using Runworks.com calculator gives me 3:12:33

I have been following the 3:15 program, and I havent had any problems following the sessions. In fact I have been running all of the key maraton session and speed sessions faster then the recommended pace in the right heart rate zone. Example 4,27 effort 3 is 4,20 for me. 4,09 effort 4 is 4,00 for me.

My question is can I aim for 3:15 - my previous marathon record is 3:22. This will be my third marathon."

Answer: Hi Jorn, great question.

Now I've seen all of those other calculators and they are often quite accurate for the faster runners (sub 2:45)

Problem is : you'll find much more variation once you start going above 3:00s - in those cases it is more wise to take a more convervative approach going into the marathon. Also, from my personal experience, the relationship is not linear when finishing time increases (therefore many of the calculators tend to give you too fast times based on your 10k/half marathon times when you want to calculate those times above 3:00 hrs)

HOWEVER, having said that : in your case it may be correct to aim for the 3:15. A couple of reasons why :

1) you have prior marathon experience and can use that as a reference point. If you are feeling faster in workouts now vs. at your previous best, then this is a good indication.

2) since you ran only 10k and not half marathon, it is harder to predict the finishing time, and it may be slightly off.

So I would say go for it and 3:15 - if you are doing workouts faster now vs. before your 3:22

I wish you all the best before Oslo,

Kind regards,

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Test race

by Daniel Hubboy

What is the "test race" talked out in the 100 day marathon testimonial ?

"Hi Marius,

in Martin Samdal's testimonial about his experience with the Marathon Training Schedule he says:
"During the 12 weeks of training towards New York Marathon I tested myself weekly on the SRM race (3.3k)"

What is this SRM test race he talks about? Daniel"

Answer: Hi Daniel, in the case of Martin we used a 3.3km test once a week during most parts of the schedule. the SRM race is a low key race once a week around the Sognsvann Lake in Oslo that everyone can attend to.

But this was back in 2005 and since that I've developed things further and taken that aspect with a weekly race out. Problem with racing weekly and preparing for the marathon is the increased risk of injuries. In addition to that, the race parameter is one that does well for some but has a negative impact on others when done very frequently (once weekly). Therefore it has been taken out of the schedule.

All the best and kind regards,

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