Pre-race training when travelling

by brett

Pre-race preparation when travelling :

"How many days stand down before a Marathon race is best? I'm flying from New Zealand to New York on 2nd November and will be racing on the 7th should I do some pre race training or not?"

Answer : Hi Brett and thanks for your question.

I've touched on this before and tihis is usually the solution that works the best : Running and jet lag - not only for the jet lag but also for the pre-race preparation before the marathon if you have to travel long. Now, in your case (with 5 days and not 3-4 as in this example), the only difference is that you want to do 1-2 days of easy jog of 30-40 minutes before the planned 3-4x1500 meters that you see I talk about in that answer.

That should make you all set !

I wish you all the best,

kind regards,

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