Races before Marathon

by Ruben, Answer by Marius

How (hard) should one run the races leading up to the marathon - meaning the scheduled 5k/10k/half-marathon ?

"Marius, I have 2 questions:

1.) How hard should I run the races before the marathon, 5k,10k, 1/2 marathon... Should I give it my all or should I run conservative?

2.) Also in marathon, should I start slower than predicted pace time? Don't want to hit the infamous wall in my first marathon.

Thanks Marius, feeling great into the 9th week of your workouts sub 3:15. Already hit a PR on the 5k run.


Answer: Hi Ruben, great to hear about your PR on the 5k run. To your questions : yes, you should be running all out on the 5k/10k and half marathon - but it is always wise to go out at a fairly conservative pace and then build up.

As for the marathon itself, it all depends on the course and weather. But if this is the same as for the schedules half marathon, use the calculator I have in the 100 day plan and run according to what that brings out. That will give you a good negative split to run from. If you want to play really safe, though, in your first marathon, you may add 3-5 minutes extra to your half marathon passing time.

Either way, evaluate more after the scheduled half marathon !

Wish you the best,

kind regards,

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