Running Hard Sessions in Flats

by Jamie

What type of shoes should you use on the sessions ?

"Hi Marius,

I'm currently on the sub-2:45 plan and had a quick question about shoes for the hard sessions. Is it recommended to wear racing flats (or any type of light shoe) as opposed to regular trainers, which would be used for the easy days? Your thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated.



Answer: Hi Jamie, great question.

Now, this one depends on your previous level of fitness, how prone your are to injuries plus your body weight.

The key is to slowly get used to using a bit lighter shoes on the harder runs and always regular trainers on the easy runs (in my experience).

A good choce is to work towards a use of shoes such as the Asics DS Trainer or Asics 2150 on the really long hard runs (these are right between trainers and racing flats) and sometimes even lighter than this on the faster stuff - racing flat. And always heavier shoes on the easy work.

But you have to do this gradually and take into consideration the factors above in terms of how fast you'll get there. Doing some work in lighter shoes though will help you strengthen your legs/tendons so it is well worth working towards in the long term perspective.

regards and best wishes,

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Racing trainers?

by Catherine Henderson

It is wise to use racing trainers in races ?


I have been reading that running with 'racing' or lighter trainers can shave some time off when running a race - but that this might increase your recovery time afterwards due to the reduced cushioning.

What's your views? I'm thinking that anything that could make me faster would help - but guess I would have to do some training in these too so that I get used to them before the race?



Answer: Hi Catherine, good question. There has been studies on this and you can actually cut quite a bit off your times by running in racing trainers compared to regular running shoes. On average racers are about 70-100 grams lighters vs. average "heavy" running shoes. Because this is so far from the center of the body, the actual weight for the body to move this is quite much. It is about the same as placing an extra 1.5-2 kg at the absolute center of your body - to relate it to that.

Having said that : I would not recommend starting with racers if you are within 8 weeks of your race. You need time to get used to them and there IS an increased injury risk - but usually just in the intitial first weeks.

When you get used to racing trainers in your interval trainings and races the recoveries after races won't be much longer either : your tendons and ligaments will be used to the little bit less cushioning, so no problem at all.

All the best,


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shoes for underpronaters

by Jeff Budnik
(Las Vegas, NV)

What are the best shoes for underpronation ?

I thank you for the 100 day program.
The link for running shoes, specifically underpronaters, takes us to Mizuno Wave Rider 12's. The 12's have been replaced by newer series 13 and 14. However, I am reading the foot support is not the same. I don't want to make a mistake on getting them for this reason. What is your opinion on a shoe which will replace the 12 for its support? I appreciate your input as I have researched and can not find an alternate shoe. Perhaps I may try a 12 on Ebay? I heard they come small? Thanks Jeff."

Answer Yes, you are right about the Mizuno having a little less support in the newer ones. But it is still enough more most runners. A couple of other alternatives are the Asics Gel Nimbus for the easy runs supplemented with the Asics DS Trainer / Asics 2140-2150 for the faster work. That is a super combination as well for your foot type. In general look into Asics and Mizuno in the underpronation/neutral category and you'll find some of the best shoes on the market.

I wish you all the best with your training !

kind regards,

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