Recovery after Half Marathon before starting the 100 day schedule - Part Deux

by Michael
(Antioch, CA)

Recovery after a half - starting the 100 day plan :

"Hello Marius,

I just read your response to Petter Vabog of Sandefjord, Norway regarding recovery after a half marathon before starting the 100 day plan. I finished a half marathon this last Saturday (08DEC2012), and was planning to start Week 2 of the 4:30 Plan this week in preparation for the Los Angeles Marathon (17MAR2013). Given the appropriate amount of rest you recommend (7-10 days), and given the time constraint of when the LA Marathon is scheduled, will starting the Plan at Week 3 adequately prepare me for the LA Marathon?

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Hi Michael and thanks for your question.

The simple answer is : yes.

Since you are already in very good training with a half under your belt just days before starting the 100 day plan, skipping those first weeks should be no problem at all.

I wish you all the best,

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