Recovery between intervals

by Aaron

What is the way to time your recovery between intervals in the 100 day plan ?


I just purchased your plan and read over the entire plan. I am really interested to see how the plan works out! I am a cross country and track coach and am very interested in new approaches in distance training.

My question is, when you have the following workout (sub 3:00 plan) "30x20sec at E4 with 20 sec recovery"...at what point do I begin the clock for my 20 seconds? Do I start it at a standstill or slow jog and the proceed into E4? Or do I start my run and wait until I am at E4 to start the clock?


Answer: Hi Aaron and thank you for a very relevant question.

You start the clock right when you start running again after your 20 sec recovery. Personally I like just standing still in the recoveries for those sessions (or just jumping off the treadmill) And then, when I start up again the time starts running right from the first step.

When the intervals are fairly short, like 20 seconds, you want to accelerate pretty quickly into that pace - so within 2-3 seconds you should be floating well.

Wish you all the best,

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