Rest days and the order of sessions within a week

by Johnny
(Sandefjord, Norway)

The sessions order of the 100 day plan :

"Hi Marius

I'm planning to use your 3:30 plan in Stocholm Marathon 2012, but I'm struggling a bit when planning for rest-days between the various sessions.

Should I follow the sessions chronologically, starting with session 1, then 2,3 and finally session 4 as the last session for that week, or may I pick sessions as I feel like?

Next, lets say I'm doing 4 session in Week 4, starting with Session 1 on a Monday. When (on what weekdays) should I then do session 2, 3 and 4 for that week? I suppose it's best to put rest days right after the toughest sessions (effort 3,4 and 5), but I'm sure there are simple "rules" or best practice to follow?

Thanks in advance

PB. 3:53 - Berlin 2010, hopefully not going down in flames in Stockholm :)

Answer: Hi Johnny and thanks for your question.

The answer is quite simple : you can play around with the sessions as you like but :

1) Never do two days in a row with hard sessions.

2) In the marathon specific weeks, try to space out the really hard sessions within a week - if you can.

Other than that, feel free mix around with the order !

all the best,

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