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Rome Marathon -
"A Fast Course In The Eternal City"

rome marathon Rome Marathon in "Roma" may be one of the top most sceneric marathons around. The Eternal City has stood for millennia, and was once the center of the greatest empire the world has ever known. When running the Rome Marathon you get a great view of all the historic sites not to mention on top of that a very fast course - with normal winning times 2:08ish.

If you consider an early spring marathon, Rome may be it for you. Typically it is held somewhere between the 20th and 25th of March when temperature is ideal for marathon running.

My personal view is that Rome may be one of the best spring marathons in Europe. The others such as London, Paris and Rotterdam have had much more harsh weather the last few years (either rainy, windy or too hot) - in Rome you can expect close to ideal marathon weather year after year at that time.

History of Rome Marathon - And The Rome Marathon Course

Since the start of the Twentieth Century, various races have been run through its streets, but the first true marathon was not held until March of 1995.

An interesting bit of trivia concerning the early races is that an Italian did not win - either a man or a woman - those first three years. The fourth year Italians won both the male and female finishes.

In terms of the course, what more beautiful and historic city could you run through than Rome?

  • The marathon starts and ends in the Fori Imperiali, in the shadow of the glorious Colosseum.
  • Then the runners swing south and loop around the Basilica of San Paolo, then head north, following the Tiber River as it meanders through the city.
  • You pass by the Vatican, and go north to the Viale della Moschea, then make a u-turn and head south along the east side of the river.
  • Along the way, you pass the Lungotevere Flaminio, the Piazza del Popolo, and the Trevi Fountain before going through the Piazza Venezia and arriving at the finish line.

Rome Marathon Training

Rome Marathon has a flat course, so no need to worry about hill work preparations in your marathon training. The only "challenge" on the way is the brick road areas, especially around the 25-30km mark that can be a challenge if you have a history of ankle instability.

A sound marathon plan through the winter is therefore more than enough, with a half marathon 4-5 weeks before (I know I talk about this often, but is is crucial to determine "optimal" pacing for the coming marathon!)

"Roma" As A City

To say that Rome has a lot to offer visitors is a true understatement. You could live your entire life there and probably find something new to occupy every year. The sheer volume of history that is embodied in the city and the surrounding countryside would make any archeologist drool.

Going back to the Etruscans, and then the Romans, there are ruins, ancient aqueducts, buildings that show the majesty of classic architecture, and documents that span centuries of history. If you love good food, some would say Rome is the center of the "Eating Empire" of all ages!

Sitting within the confines of the city is Vatican City, the seat of the Catholic Church. There is history, culture, art and the glory of religion all rolled into once spot. No matter what your interest, the vicinity of Rome has something to interest you.

Good luck with your marathon training and preparation!


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