Running technique

by Jørn

Running technique (and the Newton running shoes) :

"Hi Marius

Using 3:15 program for Oslo Maraton in September. I am really enjoying the program.

My question:
I believe I can run faster if I improve my runing technique. What do you think ?

Which exercises can you recommend?

I have read that you used to land on the heel, many so called experts recommend landing on the midfoot. What is youre thoughts about this?


Hi Jorn: If you run a search through these posts you will see that I have answered this in this thread : Running Economy

As with landing, there is a big discussion concerning that. Basically ALL runners land somewhat on the mid to back part of the foot, rolling forwards. But the tendency/speed to do this varies from person to person. It is hard to "train" but it MAY be that the new Newton Running Shoes will help you (do a google search to read about them( I have tested these shoes and it is quite promising to help you with a faster toe-off )if not change the actual landing)to improve your running economy.

I wish you all the best,

kind regards,

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