Running with Brain Cancer

by Runner

After being pronounced that my life is over with Brain Cancer I had to find different ways to today’s reality but to whom I am which is “Tuto” The Universe to One”.

Since about 5 years ago I’ve done some stupid things simply based on I became disabled with a deadly diagnosis. Though unsure of my next day “I THANK GOD” every single moment I’m awake up without a seizure and opening my eyes listening to my wife gentle breathing. Now for my granted time my eyes opened up just like anyone else’s whose life is questioned; mine is even with a twitch of a muscle.

In 2003 I lost my job with FDNY-EMS first year on the Job. I was so angry that I just didn't know what to do with my life.

I ran my first Marathon in 1996 because I wanted to find a real personal answer within myself for two things. One is planting my feet down firmly on the ground and stop shifting my life back and forth and two don't think to much of what's up ahead of me just keep breathing easy and running.

On that year for everything I had in my head I opened up my eyes in a different way. I ran around the reservoir around my block, I saw my life shifting parts inside of me that took time to understand but was all good, and the first time in my life when I got on that starting line and ran 26.2 miles at an 8 minute pace to the finish line.

My last Marathon in that everlasting change in my life that hit me like a bat made me run another Marathon. After fourth NYC Marathon having a few cigarettes before and after the race. YES I finished two hours later then my last three. I had 2 cigarettes at the start and I said, “God if it is my time to go I “will” see…

My life today is as simple as all 4 Marathon (looking for 5), “breathe in through the nose and exhale out through the mouth”. Today I found out why running Marathons has given me more life.

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