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Seattle Marathon
"A Memorable Run through Seattle's Best Sights"

The Seattle Marathon is an annual sporting event that encompasses several different running activities, namely a full-course marathon, a half marathon, a 5k run/walk, and great activities for kids. As implied by the name of the marathon, the event is held in Seattle, Washington. It is conducted every last Sunday of November of every year, just after Thanksgiving.

The event has one of the most complicated and winding marathon courses, but is still widely popular and is one of the largest organized running events around. The marathon course is also known for the scenic sights it offers to runners, especially around downtown Seattle. The course even passes through Lake Washington.

The half marathon course begins at the Seattle Center, located at 5th Avenue and Harrison, beside the Experience Music Project. Then, the 13.1 mile course goes through downtown, Lake Washington, and makes a few other detours on its way back to the Seattle Center campus.

The full 26.2-mile marathon course extends all the way to Interstate-90 and goes through Seward Park. Aside from that, it is known for being safe. The organizers of the event ensures that the course is completely clean from animals, bikes, skaters, or any other obstructions all throughout the entire duration of the event.

The course has also been certified by the USATF. The event itself, however, is open to all kinds of runners, from expert runners to novices, and even walkers. This is a great event for the family and also for tourists who want to experience the beauty of Seattle in a unique and deeply memorable way.

The History of the Seattle Marathon

The Seattle Marathon began in 1970. It actually began with just 38 runners and with one goal: to go all 26.2 miles in one race. Out of the 38 runners, 31 were able to reach the finish line quite successfully. From then on, the tradition of going the distance in downtown Seattle began, and was held every year.

The event is now sponsored by Amica Insurance, and now spans various running events. It even includes a marathon for kids.

Important Details about the Seattle Marathon

The Seattle Marathon, held every November, is usually met with unpredictable weather, which provides a unique challenge to marathoners.

Usually, the weather is calm but slightly cloudy, so it could be a bit cold and windy, and some rain may also be expected. If you wish to join the marathon, choose running gear that can handle various weather conditions just to be certain.

Dress for rain, and pick a shoe that provides a good surface grip even when it happens to rain during the event. For locals who need to bring a car to the event, there are paid parking areas set up around the Seattle Center where you can leave your cars during the event. There are also special bus services which will greatly benefit tourists.

The Seattle Marathon accommodates anybody who shows interest in joining, provided that the person is in a good medical condition to join the race. Handicapped people can also join in on the fun on their wheelchairs, and little kids can tag along in strollers. You can also bring your dog along as long as it has a leash.

However, walkers, wheelchairs, strollers, and dogs on leashes are requested to stay behind during the race to give way to the experienced and more serious runners participating in the event. Also, refreshments are widely available during the event. You can enjoy Erin Baker's Baked Goods or Dole Fruit Parfaits.

Medical assistance is also available to help ensure the safety of all the participants. The medical assistance is provided by the University of Washington Medical Center, which is a major sponsor of the event. Entertainment also involves music, mostly tropical and harmonic instrumentals.

How to Join the Seattle Marathon

Joining the Seattle Marathon is easy. Just fill up the entry form and pay your entry fee. You can do so by visiting the event's official website or inquire at the Seattle Marathon Association office. All participants will win medals upon completion of the course, and the runners with best times will get special awards.


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