Sooner or later

by Pat

Sooner or later for the next marathon :

"Hi Marius,
I just ran Chicago using your plan for the third time. Though I was able to pull off a PB of 3:22 my legs fatigued and I missed my 3:15 goal. In an attempt to hit that goal I was wondering if someone is better off trying to leverage their current fitness level and run another marathon roughly 90 days later (mid January) or target something in the spring when they have the benefit of the full 100 days.
Pat "

Answer: Hi Pat and thanks for your question.

It is a matter of preferance really, BUT, since you now did a PR and is obviously in great shape I would be tempted to advice you to do another shot at it in January, especially if you are mentally ready for a new round of training. In that case, take 2-3 weeks of the recovery weeks and then start the schedule again (shortening it slightly - as explained in the 100 day marathon plan chapter on how to adjust the schedule) That should make you all set :)

I wish you all the best,

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