Strength Training Marathon

by Omar, Answer by Marius

How important is strength training in marathon training ? And what are the best strength training marathon tips ?

Omar sent this question :

"Hi, What's your opinion on strength training twice a week on upper and lower body? Thanks, Omar"

Answer : Thanks for an important question. I have a very clear view on this. If you have the energy you can certainly do strength training. However, if you feel that this adds too much load together with the running then you want to cut back on it. Either way I recommend that you limit strength work to a minimum in one particular part of the training, the marathon phase :

1. In the marathon specific phase, meaning (in the 100 Day Marathon Plan) from week 7-13 you want to concentrate on running almost exclusively. And in the last week before the marathon as well. The reason for this is that strength training combined with all the long duration increases the risk of injury. The combination of increased muscular tension from the strength training and the long monotonous runs can get you into trouble.

In these weeks do at the most 1 strength workout on the lower and 1-2 on the upperbody. The rest of the weeks you can do your normal routine.

2. In addition to this, place the lower body work on THE SAME DAYS as the hard workouts. This is according to the principles of preserving the easy training days to nothing but easy runs/rest and not do anything muscular training on these. That way you'll ensure proper muscular recovery.

So after your hard workouts, hit the strength work if you feel you need this in the training.

Good luck !


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