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The Sydney Half Marathon - The Perfect Experience to Prepare For In Your Half Marathon Training ?

sydney half marathonSydney Half Marathon is hosted in Sydney, Australia and is of the most exciting and challenging long distance road running events in the world. This annual event, which takes place in May is so popular that the 2008 Sydney half marathon attracted over 6,000 long distance runners from around the world.

Weather in South Eastern Australia, which Sydney is a part of, is generally warm and temperate. However, the Sydney half marathon takes place near the end of Australia's autumn season. Temperatures are about 15 degrees Celsius or 59 degrees Fahrenheit during the month of May, with rainfall levels reaching close to five inches.

The Sydney Half Marathon Course/Route

The course of the Sydney half marathon is 21.1 meters (about 13.1 miles) in length, the half distance of a full marathon. The starting line is fairly narrow because of the timing mats used, however it widens on Macquarie Street, shortly after the start.

Between Macquarie Street and Pitt is the infamous and challenging Hunter Street Hill which is approximately 500 metres long. Once on Pitt runners then run up the Argyle cut which is as long as Hunter Street, but not as steep.

There are two other climbs at the Mrs Macquaries chair turn-around point followed by a short, but hard climb of about 150 metres that becomes more difficult on the second lap. Hickson Road, Pitt Street, Macquarie Street, and Kent Street are good spots for rhythmic running.

Registration for Sydney Half Marathon

The starting date for registration has not yet been determined. However, registration ends once the maximum number of entrants is reached. There is no race day registration.

Registration fees for this year have also not been determined. Last year's fees were $75-$95 for adults and $45-$60 for children. Both fees are dependent on entry posting dates. Last year's fees included GST.

Marathon officials have established different programs for both the beginner and advanced runners. For example, less emphasis is placed on finishing times for the beginners and advanced runners must want to finish the marathon in 90 minutes or less, as well as provide credentials proving previous running times.

Registration is limited to runners 12 years of age and older. Children under 12 years cannot enter this marathon.

Entry forms can be download from this site or by calling 1800 555 514 or by emailing and request the entry form. The Sydney half marathon does not accept faxed or emailed entry forms.

Sydney Half Marathon Results

The results of the Sydney half marathon are posted on the internet by The Sydney Morning Herald and in the newspaper of the same. The category results are also listed in men's, women's, and team times. All runners who complete the marathon do receive a certificate, however any runners who don't reach the 11 kilometer mark within 75 minutes will be asked to drop out of the race.

Finally, running the Sydney half marathon can be an enjoyable experience for both the beginner and advanced runner. The course itself winds through city streets deck out with a variety shops, restaurants, hotels, and more. And because the Sydney half marathon takes place in Australia's fall season the runner will be able to enjoy autumn colors along with reasonably mild temperatures.

Wish you all the best with your marathon training for Sydney Half Marathon and the Sydney experience.

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